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Summary: Major aspects of the pathway of de novo arginine biosynthesis via acetylated intermediates in microorganisms must be revised in light of recent enzymatic and ... The product N-acetylcitrulline is deacetylated by an enzyme that is also involved in the provision of ornithine from acetylornithine; this is an important
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Inference of a haploid biosynthetic pathway. X, Y and Z are metabolites in a biochemical pathway; A, B, & C are enzymes that convert a precursor metabolite to X, X to Y, and Y to Z, respectively. A fully functional pathway permits growth. Mutant strains are unable to grow: Some enzymatic block prevents synthesis of some
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Synthesis of NAcGlu by N-acetylglutamate synthase (NAGS) is stimulated by both Arg, allosteric stimulator of NAGS, and Glu, a product in the transamination reactions and one of NAGS's substrates, both of which are elevated when free amino acids are elevated. So Glu not only is a substrate for NAGS but also serves as an
It will be noted that in the above example of enzyme repression the represser (arginine) is the “end product” of the biosynthetic pathway in which the enzyme whose formation is repressible occurs. Enzyme repression can thus function as a useful controllmechanism of the feedbacktype: when the cells find themselves in an
pathways of arginine synthesis and catabolism in i o are complex and difficult to .... arginine synthesis. The differential expression of the various enzymes has resulted in highly compartmentalized metabolic functions of different organs. Thus in most .... finding that citrulline is a major product of enterally delivered proline in
These results suggest that since all mutants grow on arginine supplemented medium, arginine is the final product of this pathway. The biosynthetic pathway suggested on the basis of these mutation studies indicates that omithine and citrulline are synthesized earlier than the final product. Furthermore, the omithine is

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